How do I get a payday loan despite credit bureau?

You have requested a loan from your house bank and have received a cancellation? This is happening to many of us now: More and more people in Germany are facing the same problem when it comes to credit inquiries.

You do not need credit immediately without credit bureau, there are many small banks that do not lump your customers. A loan despite negative credit bureau is in most cases quite feasible.

Who decides on a payday loan?

Who decides on a loan?

The credit decision is not in the hands of the consultant for most banks and depends on clearly defined lending policies.

The consultant has no way of directly influencing lending, although many pretend that you can change the decision.

In fact, loan requests are processed by most major banks using algorithms. Here computer programs make the decision whether you get a loan or not.

The good news is that there are quite a few small banks where the decision is made by real people and where a computer calculates a “NO”, an unbureaucratic solution can be found.

A payday loan despite credit bureau is possible!

A credit despite credit bureau is possible!

This is about a correct evaluation of your credit bureau information, which allows the credit institution to correctly assess their financial situation. Most sufferers could easily afford a loan, but the automated credit check simply rejects you.

The reason: For most people, it is a small blemish in credit bureau the grid-like leads to a rejection.


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But… how does it work?

But... how does it work?

Fast, uncomplicated and unbureaucratic! The loan request takes less than five minutes! However, as with all loans, you must meet certain conditions, including but not limited to the statutory lending rules.

So you should make sure that the desired amount is chosen to match the income and that you can use your earnings to easily meet the monthly payments.

Five steps to the credit

Five steps to the credit

The most important requirements:

The most important requirements:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Residence in Germany
  • At least € 1,300 net income per month
  • An indefinite employment contract

If all requirements are met, you will receive a non-binding loan offer within a few hours.

How much does a loan offer cost me?

How much does a loan offer cost me?

We can answer this question very quickly. Your request and the non-binding loan offer are 100% FREE!

Even with a possible refusal you pay for our service not a single cent! There are no pre-paid or other hidden fees. That’s fair, do not you think?

A commission depends on successful lending and only accrues when a loan has actually been approved and disbursed. The commission is included in the monthly installments and does not have to be paid directly.

Despite our efforts, it may happen that a loan can not be approved. So if no loan is made so you do not pay a penny! In such cases, our consultants automatically check whether you can be offered a loan without credit bureau.

How can I apply for a loan?

How can I apply for a loan?

You first make a free loan request through our online form. This step usually takes less than 5 minutes! From now on, our credit experts will take over and look for the best possible loan offer from over 20 banks.

You will receive your personal loan offer in less than 24 hours. Now you have the opportunity to check the offer and to decide in peace and quiet whether you accept our offer or not.

Even if you decide otherwise, our service will remain free for you. The quotation does not cost you a cent!

Credit despite credit bureau in five steps:

Credit despite credit bureau in five steps:

      1. Make a free request
      2. You receive a non-binding loan offer
      3. Sign the loan agreement and send it back
      4. Audit by the bank
      5. After a positive decision, a payout follows immediately

If all requirements are met, you will receive a non-binding loan offer within a few hours.

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