Collector Easy Living Credit Card

Collector Bank’s Mastercard Goodliving is an excellent credit card for those traveling because it has no currency surcharge. In addition, the interest rate is competitive, it is at 13.95% which is just okay to be a credit card, and the card also has an interest-free credit of up to 8 weeks. This makes it clear that the card is also suitable for those who do not travel as much.

In addition to this, there are also many low-cost insurance if you pay with the card, such as reimbursement if you become ill before an event and delivery insurance in the case of Internet purchases. Not only that, you also get full-risk insurance and an extended warranty on the home electronics you buy with the card.

Info about Goodliving Mastercard


  • Credit limit: Up to USD 100,000.
  • Interest-free credit: Up to 8 weeks.
  • Annual nominal interest rate after the interest-free period: 13.95%.
  • Annual fee: USD 0 the first year, since USD 195 / year.
  • Cash withdrawal fee: 3% of the amount withdrawn, but at least USD 45.
  • Currency exchange surcharge: 0%.
  • Invoice fee: USD 0 if you choose e-invoice.



  • Income: At least USD 10,000 / month.
  • Age limit: 20 years.
  • Payment Notes: Not okay.

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Longer warranty, full-risk insurance & other insurance


It is no coincidence that Collector Bank has a Mastercard called Easysliving. The card is intended to make your life a little easier and we think it does, to a certain extent. The credit card has a lot of advantages that many other cards also have, but there are a few other services that few other cards have.

  • If you buy home electronics or home appliances with Goodliving Mastercard, you get a one-year extra warranty on what you buy. Normally, home electronics only have a one-year warranty, but if you trade with the credit card, you get a two-year warranty instead. So you do not have to buy an extra product insurance to get a one year extended warranty, it is really good.
  • If you have purchased home electronics or home appliances with your credit card, you also have a full-cover insurance that covers both unforeseen damage and loss on what you bought. You will thus receive compensation for what has been broken or disappeared from your home or holiday home.
  • You also get a delivery insurance that goes in and replaces damaged or lost goods if you bought the product in an e-commerce shop in the EU.
  • If you are going to an event, such as a football match or a concert, and you want to get sick, you get compensation for your ticket without deducting any deductible.

Good supplementary travel insurance

It is not very common for the above guarantees and insurance to be included in other cards and we at Christopher Tietjens think it is really good, not least for those who often buy home electronics. However, there are some additional insurances included in the card that are also usually found with other cards:

  • If you pay your trip with an Goodliving credit card, you get a cancellation cover and a supplementary travel insurance that makes your trip safer. You are compensated for lost luggage and your deductible is eliminated if something happens to your home or car while you are away.
  • If you rent a car or scooter abroad and it is damaged or stolen, your deductible is reduced by a maximum of USD 15,000.

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